circulaire ambities

We are Ecoras…

… and we make your circular ambitions happen!

How? By guiding you through the transition to a circular business model. By analysing your environmental impact and help you improve it. By developing a circular system approach for new value chains and also by empowering the development of circular and bio-based plastics in the Northern Netherlands.

Do you have circular ambitions and are you interested in how we can help you realise it? Feel free to contact us!

What can we do for you?

We use our expertise and network to work with companies, universities and governments to move towards a circular economy.

Are you looking for a bio-based alternative for your product or raw material? Do you have a waste stream which could be someone’s raw material? Or a company to get prepared for the circular economy? Do you want to know if you comply with European directives? Or make a production process more sustainable and see where the most severe environmental impact is in your business? Feel free to contact us, and we will discuss the opportunities.