We are Ecoras

And we don’t believe in waste. It’s about time that we start using our raw materials differently and more carefully. No longer exhausting the earth, but design and organize systems in a circular manner. In a practical and applicable way. So that we can achieve a circular economy that contributes to a liveable planet in the foreseeable future.

Everyday, more and more companies are making steps towards a biobased and circular economy. However, this (system)transition can pose several challenges for your business. and might require cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders. But it doesn’t matter whether you are makingĀ  small or big steps, we are here to guide you along the way!

What we do

We use our expertise and competencies to work on a liveable planet together with organizations that want to handle raw materials carefully and responsibly.

Ecoras provides insight into the value chain and overview of the industrial ecosystem. We realize projects that matter and also deliver tangible results for organizations and society. We believe the transition towards a circular bioeconomy always starts with taking a critical look at the raw materials; We strive for as many biomass-based (biobased) materials and secundary material flows as (technically) possible that can flow back to the same or another production system (cradle-to-cradle) in an environmentally efficient manner. Our expertise lies in the areas of: Green Chemistry, Sustainable Polymers & Biobased Solutions.