No time for waste

We want to prevent the exhaustion of the earth. Our planet has a limited amount of raw materials, and the way our economy is currently running, we’ll burn through it in no time. This needs to change, and Ecoras is part of the movement. We prevent the production of waste by realising circular value chains, applying ecological insights and taking economic chances. Read more about our services here.

Our mission & vision

At Ecoras the mission is to realise circular value chains. We do this by recognizing technical and economic chances for the environment and working with these.

We do this based on our vision to contribute to a more careful and conscious way of handling raw materials. We want to prevent the exhaustion of the earth. We do this by designing and organizing different systems in a circular way, while keeping them practical and applicable. Doing this, we can achieve a circular economy that contributes to a livable planet in the future.

Our core values

Ecoras has expertise

We have 21 years worth of experience in the domains of green chemistry, sustainable plastics, and biobased solutions.

Ecoras is full service

We are the only full service company in Groningen for the realization of circular value chains; developing of chains, ecological insights and economic chances.

Ecoras is up to date

Whenever legislation or business cases can be obstructive, Ecoras can be of support thanks to our uniquely large (inter)national network.

Ecoras is a pioneer

We have developed our own method and thereby contribute to the developments in our field of work.

Ecoras has impact

With our daily operations we contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 9, 12 and 17.