Donate your poop here!

©Foto: Hoge Noorden / Jacob Van Essen

Our colleague Sven Jurgens, the innovation-booster ”Biomass” at Circular Friesland gives a pitch about serious shit! Human poop is a lost link in the food chain, while you can also see it as useful fertiliser: just like in the past.

Donation to the food cycle – April 1st

Frisian administrators were queuing up for a special donation to the food cycle: A ‘dijkgraaf’, the director of Wetsus, a member of the provincial executive and the director of Circular Friesland taking their brown gold to the farmer. Is this an April Fool’s joke or serious shit? In any case, it was a special sight last week on the farm of dairy farmer Albrecht Finnema in Warstiens. There was a long queue of farmers and Frisian administrators in front of the composting toilet. Under the motto ‘Give A Shit’ they symbolically closed the hole in the cycle. An appeal to which the initiative ”Broodje Poep” could not be missing.
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