Innovation track business – Recyclable 3d printing resins

Together with Vincent Voet of NHL Stenden Lectureship of Sustainable Plastics, we are working on the design of a research project on circular 3D printer ink.

Within this research project, the focus is on recyclable photopolymer resins made from biobased sources for use in 3D Printing and other thermosetting applications. These photosensitive resins are suitable for repair and recycling after printing, unlike conventional thermosets. This makes circular use of raw materials possible.

Why circular 3D printer ink?

  • Offers advantages in terms of precision, surface finish and resolution in 3D printing;
  • Making the production process more sustainable and speeding it up;
  • Improve scalability of process;
  • Handling raw materials more efficiently and/or circularly.

Curious about the possibilities for your company? Please contact our polymer specialist Wybren Kalsbeek: