It is No-Waste-November at Ecoras!

Our team likes to walk during lunch breaks. When doing so, we unfortunately encounter litter all too often. But how much litter do colleagues actually encounter during their walk? And what type of litter is found? To answer that, we dedicated this month as ”No-Waste-November”, a month in which we make an extra effort to remove litter from the environment.

The initiative is simple: during our lunch walks, all the litter we come across is collected for a month. The collected litter is analysed afterwards for, among other things, number, volume and material types. In the first weeks, a lot of litter has (unfortunately) already been collected. What we have already noticed?

MANY CANS High time for a depositsystem on cans… fortunately, change is coming at the end of this year! Thanks to Stientje van Veldhoven

At the end of this month, we will come up with an update around the collection. We thank the Municipality of Groningen for providing, among other things, pegs and rubbish bags in which we can store the litter.

Will your company participate next year?