Making hospital waste circular

making hospital waste circular

Did you know that the healthcare sector is responsible for 328 million kilograms of waste (CLO, 2020) and 7% of the Netherlands’ total carbon footprint (Gupta Strategists, 2019)? Of the waste that is released, some must be incinerated on a mandatory basis. Unfortunately, this also happens with a lot of plastic, although this is not mandatory in all cases. In short, there is room for sustainability here. That’s why Ecoras is committed to helping the healthcare sector make hospital waste more circular. Much of the waste released in hospitals consists of laminated products and packaging, which is (more) difficult to recycle. We are investigating how mono-material alternatives can be used to improve recyclability. We are also investigating whether we can make consumer products through 3D printing with clean recycled plastics. Ecoras is currently consulting with the healthcare sector to select more waste streams for which we can investigate a circular alternative. In circularizing hospital waste, we are also working with knowledge institutions to develop new techniques for reuse. Want to know more or join this project? Then contact Wybren Kalsbeek +31 (0) 6 111 366 08 or Sven Jurgens +31 (0) 6 226 570 16. Ecoras is driving more projects that focus on circularity. Read more about our projects here.