New innovative project: Closing Carbon Cycles with Renewable Amines (3CRA)

We are delighted to announce that the 3CRA consortium may start receiving its requested MOOI grant of over 3 million euros! The 3CRA consortium, which stands for Closing Carbon Cycles with Renewable Amines, chaired by and Andre Heeres, was assessed as innovative for the Dutch market and society, with a high degree of quality in the partnerships between relevant and experienced parties from across the value chain.

The project develops new processes for the re-/upcycling of polyamides and polyurethanes. This uses biomass waste streams and end-of-life plastics that are not suitable for mechanical or chemical recycling. Role of Ecoras: Within this consortium, Ecoras is working on performing environmental impact analyses (LCA) of the above processes/products. In addition, Ecoras will work with the University of Groningen to develop ”Predictive-LCA”.

Consortium partners: