Closing Carbon Cycles with Renewable Amines (3CRA)

We are excited to announce that the 3CRA consortium may start receiving its requested MOOI grant of over 3 million euros for Closing Carbon Cycles!

Closing Carbon Cycles with Renewable Amines

The 3CRA consortium, which stands for Closing Carbon Cycles with Renewable Amines, chaired by and Andre Heeres, was judged to be innovative for the Dutch market and society, with a high degree of quality in the partnership between relevant and experienced parties from across the value chain.

Recycling / upcycling of polyamides and polyurethanen

The project develops new processes for the re/upcycling of polyamides and polyurethanes. This uses biomass waste streams and end-of-life plastics that are not suitable for mechanical or chemical recycling.

Role of Ecoras

Within this consortium, Ecoras is working on performing environmental impact analyses (LCA) of the above processes/products. In addition, Ecoras will work with the University of Groningen on the development of ”Predictive-LCA”. Would you like to know more about this? Then please contact our colleague Micha Klaarenbeek. Consortium partners 3CRA: