No Waste Work Walk – The intermediate score

For two weeks now, Ecoras has been picking up litter daily during its lunch break. This time, Ecoras has added an extra goal to the action, which is to investigate how colleagues experience the cleanup in order to eventually start a movement. A first step has been taken, as business association Groningen ZO has already indicated it will join Ecoras’ No Waste Work Walk starting next month.

Image of litter cleanup

During the litter picking in November, varying reactions from those around us revealed that the image of litter picking is not yet what it should be. This makes it difficult for many people to pick up this habit, literally and figuratively. Therefore, this time we did a little research into the behavior of our colleagues. Do you particularly pick up litter when you are in nature? Or also in your city or village? And do you do it alone or do you prefer to do it when you are with others? Do you see other people picking up litter? Halfway through this month it is already noticeable that garbage in particular is cleaned up in nature and preferably with others, because otherwise it is experienced as uncomfortable. Further proof that we need to work on improving the image of litter cleanup. A motivation for us to continue with this action.


Conscious or unconscious behavior

People throw trash into nature both consciously and unconsciously. Unconsciously, if you don’t know that you shouldn’t actually put a trash bag next to a full dumpster. Consciously, when you know, but do it anyway out of convenience. Or when someone throws garbage on the street to appear cool in company. There are then positive associations with ‘bad’ behavior. In essence, this is a big problem, but it can be tackled with targeted strategies. For example, by attaching positive associations to cleaning up trash (this action!) or negative associations to dumping trash such as fines.


Comparing February to November

What struck us in particular was that significantly fewer beer cans were found this time. Especially along the waterfront on Gideonweg there is less litter than usual. Of course we are happy with this, but we must not forget that 4 months ago litter was also cleaned up in this area. The fact that we are now finding especially many fireworks will also not surprise anyone. The composition of the litter was similar to November, though. Especially around the FC Groningen stadium we found a lot of litter.

No Waste Work Walk

We have 2 more weeks to go and then No Waste February will be over, but we will keep going. We sincerely hope that later in March more companies will join us. After No Waste November and now No Waste February, we hope to continue this permanently under the name No Waste Work Walk. We hope that other businesses and perhaps even elementary schools themselves will join in regularly cleaning up litter in their nearby areas. Would you like to participate in this? Feel free to contact us for more information or support: Brian Bayon at or by phone 06 – 57484051.