The Ecoras we know today works towards a sustainable use of our raw materials. We want to develop and design systems as circular as possible, to prevent further exhaustion of the earth.

The origin of our work today comes from an interesting history. Ecoras arose from KNN Consultancy. Together with KNN Cellulose/Recell, BioBTX and Foamplant, KNN Consultancy formed the umbrella company KNN Group. In 2020 we shifted our interest from energy to materials, which we divided into the three categories of green chemistry, sustainable plastics and biobased solutions. Operating under a new name we continued as Ecoras; ‘Eco’ being an abbreviation for ecology and economy, and the old-Iris ‘coras’ for ‘system’.

KNN Holding

KNN – previously known as KNN Environment – was established in 2000 and has evolved a lot since then. Originating in the (research) activities at KNN, multiple spin-off companies have been established over the past decade. All operating under the holding KNN Group.


BioBTX wants to prove that plastic doesn’t necessarily have to generate waste. BioBTX strives towards being the market leader in biobased aromatics and circular economy technology. The work on transforming sustainable feedstock and plastic waste into BTX, reducing waste and CO2 emissions in the process.

BioBTX wants to work on a sustainable future, free of plastic waste. Did you know that
only 9% of all plastics worldwide are recycled? We think we can do better than that, and BioBTX plans to play a significant role. With the BioBTX technology it has been proven that all plastics, even layered plastics, RDF plastics, difficult to separate plastics, mixtures and composites can be recycled.

KNN Cellulose/Recell

The core of KNN Cellulose BV lies in circular economy through innovative cellulose solutions. KNN Cellulose develops green solutions for sustainable products and services based on cellulose, a few of which can be seen on the picture below. The recently developed Recell platform serves as a circular cellulose platform, which is offered within various sectors.


Foamplant works towards the production of safe and sustainable food for everybody by bringing clean, reliable and affordable plant substrates to the market while maintaining the lowest carbon footprint possible.


At Ecoras we don’t believe there needs to be waste. That’s why we work on green chemistry, sustainable plastics and biobased solutions on a daily basis. Read more about Ecoras here.