With Ecoras we are building on what we have achieved with KNN Consultancy in the past 20 years. This is reflected in our name. “Eco” stands for ecology and economy. “Coras” in Old Irish means “system”.

We use our expertise and competencies to work on a liveable planet together with organizations that want to handle their material flows carefully and responsibly. We do this in the domains: Green Chemistry, Sustainable Plastics and Biobased Solutions.

We believe that waste does not have to exist. And that it is our joint responsibility to use our raw materials differently and more carefully. No longer exhausting the earth, but designing and organizing systems differently. In a practical and applicable way. So that we can realize a circular economy in the foreseeable future.

KNN Group

KNN has been around since 2000 and has undergone various developments over the years. Several spin-off companies have emerged from the (research) activities at KNN in recent decades. These companies are part of KNN Group and are briefly discussed below.

KNN Cellulose / Recell

KNN Cellulose develops sustainable solutions for sustainable goods and services based on cellulose. Some of the products they have developed based on this cellulose raw material are shown in the image below. The recently developed Recell platform serves as a circular cellulose platform that is offered within various sectors.

Building a circular economy through innovative cellulose solutions, that is the heart of KNN Cellulose BV.



BioBTX strives to become a leader in biobased aromatics and circular economy technology. They work on transforming sustainable feedstock and plastic waste into BTX, reducing waste and CO2 emissions in the process.

BioBTX strives towards a sustainable future, free of plastics waste. Currently only 9 percent of produced plastics is being recycled globally. The BioBTX technology will play a major role in changing this.

With the BioBTX technology it has been proven that all plastics, even layered plastics, RDF plastics, difficult to separate plastics, mixtures and composites can be recycled.

Plastic never needs to create waste, and BioBTX is there to prove it.



Foamplant works on enableing safe & sustainable food production for everyone by bringing clean, reliable & affordable plant substrates to the market while maintaining the lowest carbon footprint possible.


Networkpartner Chemistry MVO Nederland (CSR Association Netherlands)

Ecoras has been a member of the national network of MVO Nederland since December 2020. As a network partner within the chemical sector, we strive for more national cooperation within the transition to a circular and biobased economy.