Positive developments from the European Commission

Exciting week in Brussels

It has been an exceptionally exciting week in Brussels, with significant legislative developments. After the Council had already agreed to the reached agreements, three crucial legislative proposals were discussed in the European Parliament: the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, the Repair Directive, and the Packaging Regulation. Fortunately, the European Parliament also voted in favor, which is a positive outcome for these proposals. Currently, the legislative proposals are being translated, after which the ministers will take the final formal step to ratify the results. This is extremely good news because it means that products must be manufactured more circularly, unsold clothing and footwear – and possibly other products in the future – can no longer be destroyed, consumers can use their belongings for longer through repair, there will be less packaging waste, and packaging will be produced more circularly.

Key aspects of the Ecodesign regulation include:

  1. The European Commission is empowered to impose sustainable design requirements on virtually all physical products.
  2. Companies must provide a Digital Product Passport for product groups subject to Ecodesign requirements, containing important product information.
  3. There will be a ban on the destruction of unsold clothing and footwear.
  4. Companies must report on unsold products they destroy, so the European Commission can determine which other product groups should have a ban on the destruction of unsold inventory.

It is expected that the European Commission will present the Ecodesign work plan in early 2025, specifying the product groups subject to design requirements. Currently, the Commission is already working on requirements for clothing and steel.

It is becoming increasingly important to have your product information in order, including environmental impact (LCA) and other product-related data such as recycled content, chain of custody, and repair/recycle instructions.

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