Developing a strategic program for the Dutch Protein Coalition

At the end of 2019, Ecoras was asked by the Protein Coalition to draw up a Protein Program. The Protein Coalition consists of innovative parties in the Northern Netherlands who want to take steps towards a more sustainable protein supply.

The Protein Coalition consists of innovative parties including Avebe, Suiker Unie (now Royal Cosun), Wadudu (insect farmer), LTO Noord, and the Agrarische Natuurvereniging Oost Groningen (ANOG). These parties are at the forefront of the protein transition and want to give substance to this transition via a Protein Programme. This is particularly the case in the fields of sustainable protein processing and production and future-proof agriculture.

Within the collaboration, Ecoras acted as a ‘spider-in-the-web’ and external independent advisor. This made it possible to properly balance the different positions within the coalition and thus achieve a concrete and action oriented Protein Program. In addition, Ecoras took an active role in promoting the program within the regional governments.

At the end of March 2020, Ecoras delivered a Protein Program that includes four detailed project lines.