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Inventory of bio-resources in Province of Drenthe

This study inventoried the current and potential bio-resource flows in the province of Drenthe. The results of this study provide a picture for the current situation in the province. In addition, we looked at the potential that lies in the processing of new and existing flows that could find a higher-end application in the future.




As part of the sustainability agenda, several spearheads have been addressed by the Province of Drenthe. One of the spearheads concerns the energy transition, in which the province aims to use energy in a more sustainable way. The province aims for a renewable energy contribution of 40% by 2030 and energy neutrality by 2050. Dit wekt de vraag of de provinciale biomassa een bijdrage kan leveren binnen het streven van de provincie.


Within the study, Ecoras started with an inventory of the flows that take place within the province of Drenthe. First, these streams were categorized based on origin. Next, the corresponding side streams were mapped, which were placed along the bio-based value pyramid.


The study shows that there are a number of side streams present with a high potential to be deployed higher in the bio-based value pyramid.