ISO-certified LCA for Wellness Pet Company

For an international producer of various dog snacks, the environmental impact of a Dutch production plant was mapped using a full LCA. This producer includes several product brands. The Dutch factory produces one of these brands. Several sustainability steps have already been taken at this location over the years. But to quantitatively establish the current state of affairs in the field of sustainability (baseline measurement) and to see where there are still hotspots, a full LCA was carried out.


For Wellness Pet Company, we created a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment for their state-of-the-art factory in Veendam. Among other things, Wellness Pet Company makes chew bars for dogs. They work with electric rather than hydraulic machines and the chew bars are made from purely vegetable raw materials. To minimize production waste, the machines are made such that raw material that does not enter the moulds is reintroduced into the machine. We were asked to analyze the environmental impact of this new plant and the possibilities for further optimization. This extensive study was prepared according to the applicable ISO 14040/14044 standards, including the new PEFCR guidelines for dog and cat food.


Using the LCA, a comprehensive overview was generated that provides insight into impact hotspots in the value chain. This insight can be used as a concrete starting point to substantiate various sustainability routes. During the completion of the analysis, several recommendations were given to identify possible next steps towards further sustainability. Some of these recommendations have recently been implemented.