Legal Platform Circular Economy

There are many legal questions for both companies and governments when it comes to the transition to (more) circular business operations. From experience we know that in many cases more is possible than previously thought or known. However, it is often difficult to properly identify and understand the scope of the legislation and regulations. A lot of gains can be made in the interpretation and communication of regulations, exceptions and future developments.

Both nationally and regionally, legislation and regulation is one of the main barriers in the transition to a circular economy. Until now, there is no platform or other partnership in the Netherlands that can answer these questions from both (SME) entrepreneurs and (decentralized) governments in an accessible way, or conducts thorough research on it. In this project we have therefore investigated the possibilities of starting a legal platform / network in the Netherlands.

In collaboration with a consortium consisting of Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Vereniging Circulaire Friesland, Bio Cooperative, De Haan Advocaten, and municipality of Emmen, Ecoras has taken important steps for the initial exploration of such a platform. Through our network within various sectors we were able to quickly identify various experiences and challenges. This has led to important input that is now being used to develop the Vision and an Action Plan for the future Legal Platform Circular Economy.