Quick Scan LCA – Consumer electronics

In 2021, Ecoras conducted a quick scan Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for an international company that sells consumer electronics. This company is currently exploring sustainability opportunities in terms of material selection, value chain optimisation and circular business models. Based on our knowledge of materials & LCA, an overview has been produced that makes it easy to compare the various material impact scores and also provides insight into the contributions within the value chain (think end-of-life options such as recycling, incineration and landfill).

Trigger for this project

In early 2021, Ecoras held an introductory workshop on the Circular Economy and the opportunities for the company. This resulted in a number of topics that require further exploration including a quick scan LCA & market research.

Follow up

The interesting results from the quick scan have led to a follow up project in which we look more closely at the choice of materials and include more steps in the value chain.

(the company name cannot be released due to an NDA)