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Innovation booster Polymers –

Circulair Friesland

Plastics are a valuable raw material for all kinds of daily usage and commercial applications. Without the invention of plastic, our lives would look very different. From clothing to personal care products and from household items to food: plastic are in, on or around almost everything.

Plastic is a special material because it is so strong. But that is also it’s downside: it continues to roam around in our environment for years. For a long time we have not – or at least not enough – thought about what to do with plastic after use. That is why we now find it everywhere. It can be found on the side of the road, in the sea, scattered through forests and parks, on the beach and even in our bodies … A global problem, in which we would like to be part of the solution.


Change-maker Biomass – Circulair Friesland

As change-maker Biomass Sven Jurgens realizes new circular projects in the Northern part of the Netherlands. The biobased economy is an economy that (partly) runs on biomass as a raw material. The vast majority of the economy still runs on fossil resources. These are finite and harmful to the environment. The biobased economy uses biomass for the production of food, materials, chemicals, transport fuels, energy and more. We look for innovative applications from biomass and its residual flows and from the view of applications we look for the right biomass. That is the essence of the theme of biomass.

CIRCO Trainer

As a CLICKNL program, CIRCO activates production companies and creative professionals to get started with circular business and product design. By (re) designing products, services and business models, circular entrepreneurship is often possible. CIRCO has developed a proven method for companies to transform their linear way of thinking into a circular mindset. Micha Klaarenbeek is trainer for the consumer goods sector.