Procebegeleiding van circulaire ketenprojecten

Process support for circular chain projects

At Ecoras, we work a lot with businesses, governmental organizations and knowledge institutions. To achieve impactful circular chains, a lot of commitment is needed from all chain partners, and a common goal must be formulated. These are two difficult (but indispensable) steps within the transition from linear to circular value chains.

By bringing ambitious stakeholders together and then jointly developing a concrete action plan, we make great steps towards a more sustainable world. We at Ecroas are passionate and experienced in guiding and setting up new circular chains.

Process support for circular chain projects

We are currently working with various partners on the following value chains:

  • Soft-PVC recycling
  • Rubber recycling
  • Local textile production and recycling (both fossil and natural materials)
  • Production of PHA (biodegradable plastic in all environments)