No time for waste

We want to avoid depleting the earth. Our earth has a limited amount of resources, and in today’s economy we are going through them at lightning speed. This has to change, and Ecoras is contributing to the change. We are working towards an economy where waste streams are minimized by realizing circular value chains, applying ecological insights and seizing economic opportunities. You can read more about our services here.

Our mission & vision

Ecoras’ mission is to create circular value chains by recognizing and working with environmental, technical and economic opportunities in the circular economy.

We do this from our vision of contributing to a more prudent and conscious use of raw materials. By designing and organizing production systems in a practical and applicable way (circular), we achieve a circular economy that contributes to a liveable planet in the future.

Our core values

Provide expertise

We have 23 years of experience in the fields of green chemistry, sustainable & circular plastics and biobased products & applications.

Full service

We are the only full service company in the North of the Netherlands that is committed to the development & realization of circular
value chains, providing services in the areas of environmental impact analyses, biobased solutions and economic & technical issues.


When legislation or the business case is prohibitive, Ecoras can support thanks to its uniquely large (inter)national network.


Frequent conversations with entrepreneurs allow us to spot trends & challenges in the market early. When the solution does not yet exist, we take the plunge and go to work to find/develop/facilitate a solution.

Ecoras makes an impact

With our daily work, we contribute to Sustainable Development
goals 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17. Why? Read below to find out how we do it!

Ecoras helps reduce waste streams that pollute (ground) water.

Through LCAs and CO2 footprint analyses, Ecoras contributes to making energy and its use more sustainable.

The transition to a circular economy brings new jobs and economic growth.

At Ecoras, we help companies innovate in sustainability and make industry more sustainable by closing resource cycles.

We also work for small-scale projects so that we are sustainable at any scale.

Circularity means dealing more carefully with waste streams, and therefore with consumption and production of goods. Ecoras contributes to the closing of these cycles.

Ecoras helps to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the depletion of our resources.

In the Wad van Waarde project “From plastic soup to vegetable soup”, Ecoras helps to develop alternatives for the dominant plastic polluting products of the Wadden Sea.

Achieving our goals requires cooperation. We bring parties together to achieve the same goals. Achieving a circular economy is something no one can do alone.