World Circular Economy Forum Helsinki

This week, Sven Jurgens is participating in the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. He is representing Greenwise Circular Plastics and Chemport Europe. Sven wants to highlight circular and biobased plastics developments in the Northern Netherlands.  He also hopes to be inspired by other initiatives and to gain European contacts for further collaborations, so our developments can also be taken up on a European scale.

If you want to know more about the World Circular Economy Forum, click here.

In short, the annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) presents the world’s leading solutions for the circular economy, bringing together entrepreneurs, leaders, policymakers and experts from around the world. WCEF is a global initiative of Finland and Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. The first forum, WCEF2017, defined the key elements of a circular economy and showcased solutions and lessons learned worldwide, bringing together 1,500 people from more than 100 countries. The World Circular Economy Forum managed to grow to participation of 4,200 people from 149 countries. Wonder how many will travel to Finland this year.

The WCEF 2023 offers a unique opportunity to build momentum for a nature-positive future. We already know why the circular economy is necessary, but the world needs examples. WCEF2023 focuses on the how and especially invites companies, financiers and young people to determine the potential and bottlenecks of circular solutions. The forum will facilitate conversations and create a broader understanding of how the circular economy enables us to tackle some of the complex root causes of resource overconsumption, pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss simultaneously.